Heat up your bottom line
RE-COUP your investment in 5 years!

Solar Power is making a huge impact on business owners.

Businesses can cut monthly utility bills and greatly improve cash flow and profitability. Solar is also a wonderful way to promote your business in the community you serve.

With tax credits of 30% and accelerated depreciation of the system, you can re-coup your investment in just a few years! To avoid impacting a business credit line or the ability to borrow, Golden Gate Power can help a business finance their solar system with a PACE loan, which does not impact current credit lines or the ability to borrow. A system can be financed without impacting the operation of the core business. Golden Gate Power Company can also sponsor Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) allowing high volume electricity users to chop their electricity costs by 15-50% based on current charges and use, all without a penny in investment. Getting solar for your business has never been easier! Two ways to save BIG! Contact us for confidential analysis of your needs.