The Power of Solar Ownership

Astute solar buyers are moving away from leases and PPA's (Power Placement Agreements), both of which have been hugely profitable for solar companies who have been promoting such options. With leases or PPA's the buyer gives up the federal tax credit and the long term gains that make solar energy so enticing.

Choose the financing option that best suits you!

No Money Down Program
Federal Tax Credit
Easy Transfer/Home Sale
Fixed Annual Costs
Ability to add Battery Backup

1: Maintenance warranties available.
2: Subject to lease terms, but generally, alterations to the system are NOT allowed.

In the past, suitable financing had not been readily available to most potential solar users, so giving up the sizable tax advantages and long term financial gains to the leasing or PPA company seemed reasonable in pursuit of solar. Times have changed. Golden Gate has access to many finance choices including PACE loans, that do not require a credit check or impact your credit lines.

• Zero down financing
• Personal and Heloc Loans
• PACE, no credit check loans

A well structured financing program and a properly sized solar system keeps the monthly electric costs of solar ownership sized to meet your needs. When the loan is complete, the savings really stack up! Or keep paying increasing utility rates!

Is Solar The Right Choice For You?