Getting your PG&E usage data

There are several easy ways to determine your past usage for the last 12 months: In order to customize a system that is best suited for your usage, we need to know exactly what your usage has been and what extra electrical usage you may anticipate. ​1: You may have copies of your past 12 PG&E bills ​2: You can call PG&E and ask them to provide you with the last 12 months of your kilowatt hour data and your utility rate. You can call them at 1-800-743-5000 (1-800-PGE-5000). Have your account number handy. The PG&E rep might ask you a few identifying questions such as the primary telephone number on your account. This process will only take a few minutes, once the rep is on the line. ​3. If you have a PG&E account, you can just log in to get your data at

Looking at your bill:

If you have a copy of your bill handy, turn to the page for your electrical use. Under the section titled "Details of Electrical Charges", you will find your rate schedule and your usage.

Going on-line:

If you have a PG&E online account, you can simply log in to retrieve your data. If you don't have an online account, this might be a good opportunity to set one up. Go to ​A screenshot of the login page is shown on the right. Once you have logged in, just go to the "My Usage" tab and retrieve your data.

Data Sheet:

Please use the following form to submit the data you gather from PG&E. Enter your Kilowatt hours and the monthly electric bill for each month. Start with the last month and go back 12 months. For example, if last month was June, start with June and then May and continue till you finish with July of last year.When you submit the information, it will be delivered to your Golden Gate Power representative.